Lodge Officers Header

Office Elected/Appointed Duty
Noble Grand Elected Sits as Chair for Meetings, Official Representative of lodge to outside persons and organizations and see that the lodge program is planned in advance
Vice Grand Elected Exercise power to assist Noble Grand in Presiding Meetings. Assume the duties and responsibilities of the NG in times of absence or if necessary
Past Grand Elected Assist Noble Grand and lodge officers in every way possible. May act as NG or VG when legally called thereto
Secretary Elected Records minutes at meetings, files necessary paper work, sends and receives communications.
Financial Secretary Elected Notify and collect to members their dues and financial obligations
Treasurer Elected Keeps an accurate file of all finances and receipts of the lodge and writes all checks ordered
Warden Appointed Responsible for the general welfare of the applicant, examines all present before the lodge is opened, give charge of office during initiations, in-charge of regalia and lodge room property and will place regalia in the lodge room before and removing it on closing
Conductor Appointed Receives the candidates when they enter the lodge room, perform all duties assigned in conferring the degrees and assist the Warden while in the lodge
Chaplain Appointed Leads the opening the closing ceremonies and performs all functions assigned during conferral of degrees
Right Supporter of Noble Grand Appointed Supports the NG in keeping order, execute commands, open and close the lodge in due form, see that signs are given correctly and occupy chair of NG when vacated temporarily during lodge hours.
Left Supporter of Noble Grand Appointed See that members who enter the room are in proper regalia and give the signs correctly and to officiate for the Right Supporter when absent
Right Supporter of Vice Grand Appointed Observe that members give the signs correctly, report to the Noble Grand members that do not conduct themselves according to the regulations of the Order.
Left Supporter of Vice Grand Appointed Assist the Right Supporter and officiate for that officer when absent
Color Bearer Appointed Oversees flags and proper presentation of such
Right Scene supporter Appointed Assist at initiations and perform roles specified in the charge book
Left Scene Supporter Appointed Assist at initiations and perform roles specified in the charge book
Inner Guardian Appointed Guards the inner door
Outer Guardian Appointed Guards the outer door
Musician (Optional) Appointed Play all required music and accompaniment during meetings and ceremonies.