Welcome to the webpage of the Star/Orphans Hope Lodge No. 182, IOOF (Independent Order of Odd Fellows), of Martinsville, Ohio, which is the first lodge that was instituted on May 3, 1851. We are a Non-Profit Fraternity Organization. We are also known as to be called "Odd Fellows". We are also affiliate with Hiawatha Encampment No. 70, in Martinsville, Ohio.

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Mission Statement:

Star/Orphans Hope Lodge No. 182, is a determined group of men and women of various ages offering an extended family, an Order who believes in a Supreme Being, committed and enthusiastic, creative, courageous, caring and sincere, honorable and benevolent, diverse, and a caring and assisting group who would like to carry the message of Odd Fellowship to our communities.

Our goal is to promote enjoyment in our Order developing leadership and confidence; to get our community interested in educating our younger generation in the principles of Odd Fellowship and let them know us by our deeds. Inviting those who are willing to join us in family-related activities, sharing, caring and participating in community service.

We desire to work with other branches of Odd Fellowship to strengthen and motivate our members with a positive attitude to increase membership through action for today and the future.

To show others we help mankind, through our actions within our Order with a goal to have members who are friendly, helpful and enthusiastic creating awareness with an outward focus within the community.

5 REASONS why you should Join the
Star/Orphans Hope Lodge No. 182,
of Independent Order of Odd Fellows:

  1. We are one of the the oldest fraternal organizations in the world.

  2. Odd Fellowship follows a tradition that was established in Great Britain over 250 years ago - it is an ancient fraternity.

  3. We have around 250,000 members in more than 28 countries. Our sister organization in United Kingdom, The Oddfellows, also have around 250,000 members
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  5. Our lodge emphasize active community support as well as social activities for members, in addition to the historical traditions.

  6. We are non-political and non-sectarian. We accept men and women regardless of religion, race, gender, and social status.

We are the family of Oddfellowship, composed of Men, Women, and Youth, believing in a supreme being, the creator and preserver of the universe, who have come together in our local communities having the same beliefs and values as others, that; Friendship, Love and Truth are the basic guidelines that we need to follow in our daily lives. Through working in our local Communities, States, Provinces, or Nationally we understand that we can make a difference in the lives of people in our World.

    • Do you believe that Friendship, Love and Truth should be the basic guidelines to live by?
    • Do you believe in a supreme being, the creator and preserver of the universe?
    • Do you want to make a difference?

YES? Then we need you!

Your community needs you!

The Independent Order of Odd Fellows began in 17th Century England, it was deemed odd to find people organized for the purpose of giving aid to those in need without recognition and pursuing projects for the benefits of all mankind.

Our deep history began in North America, with the United States and Canada in 1819, and is continually expanding throughout the World where we are a worldwide fraternity in 26 countries. The Odd Fellows and Rebekahs are striving to make the world a better place in which to live, seeking To Improve and Elevate the Character of Mankind.

Odd Fellows have also become known in many areas as "The Three Link Fraternity" which is evidenced by our world wide "Three Link Emblem" which stands for Friendship, Love and Truth. These three links symbolize the chain that binds our members together and illustrates that our Communities, States, Provinces and Nations are strongest when joined together.


Requirements for Membership

A man, woman, or youth of good character, who is loyal to his or her country and believes in a Supreme Being, the creator, and preserver of the Universe, is eligible for membership. Odd Fellowship strictly forbids any interference with one's religious beliefs or political opinions. To Join our Lodge, you must be 16 years old.

Our Lodge charges an Initiation Fee and Annual Membership Dues:
    • Initiation Fee: $25.00
    • Annual Membership Dues: $51.00
    • Associate Membership Dues: $2.00

How to Join

A candidate must be sponsored by a current member, so the first step towards joining is to find someone who is a current member.

1.) Ask people you know if they know anyone who is an Odd Fellow of our Lodge.
2.) Drop in on the day of a meeting about 30 minutes before the scheduled time, and introduce yourself. We are eager to find new members and will be glad to meet you.
3.) You can write or email the Star.Orphans Hope Lodge No. 182, by going to our Contact Us page by Clicking Here.
4.) You can fill out the Membership Application by downloading, and fill it out and bring it with you.

Membership Application
Membership Application

You can Download our Membership Application, by clicking on the Download Button below.

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Download Membership Application

After You Have Applied for Membership

When the lodge has received your application, they will appoint an interviewing committee of three members. These members will call on you, both to ask questions and to answer any questions you may have concerning the lodge. One purpose of the interviewing committee is to give a candidate at least three familiar faces in the lodge. At the next meeting, the interviewing committee will report back to the lodge. The lodge will ballot to accept you as a member. The lodge will then send you a letter announcing your election to membership and the date and time for initiation.

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A Family Fraternity
Striving to make the world a better place in which to live.

Friendship, Love, and Truth

The Three Links
The Emblem of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

The emblem of Odd Fellowship is the
Three Links with the letters ‘F, L & T’.
The three links symbolizes the chain that
binds our members together and illustrates
that a fraternity is strongest when joined
The ‘F’ in the first link represents
‘friendship’, the strongest bond of
fraternity that teaches goodwill and
The ‘L’ represents ‘love’, the basis
for all life’s ambitions, service to
others and family.
The ‘T’ represents ‘truth’, the standard
by which we value people and the foundation
of our society.

To improve and elevate the character of mankind.

How did the name originate?
The name itself signifies something different, out of the
ordinary, and unmatched. It was originally given to
those unusual people who believed in helping others.

Where did it originate?
The origin is shrouded in the mist of antiquity.
Thomas Wildey founded Odd Fellowship on the North
American Continent in 1819 at Baltimore, Maryland.

Commands of the Order adopted are:
Visit the Sick
Relieve the Distressed
Bury the Dead
Educate the Orphan

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